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Flexible Franchise Offering

Imagine being able to say ‘yes we can’ to almost any exhaust enquiry and working on vehicles ranging from vintage right up to super cars – well this is what a typical custom exhaust dealer can expect. A perfect compliment to an existing busy garage – as well as a viable startup venture, a custom exhaust franchise allows you first chance at an immediate solution to a MOT exhaust failure, a powerful upsell to complement existing offerings or indeed, a viable business model all of its own. It is unique in that we do not take any cut of your sales.

Custom Build Process

Through the use of stainless steel tubing, universal silencers and tailpipes, supported by specialised bending machinery, you’ll have the ability to build a new custom stainless steel exhaust directly onto almost any vehicle. This is typically carried out by examining the original exhaust and patterning the new, lifetime guaranteed system in much the same manner with the same bends to ensure fitment. However, the customer’s individual tastes and requirements are also taken into account in terms of volume (typically variation in silencer/s) and performance (typically variation in bore diameter/s).

Growing, Profitable Market

As one of our dealers, you can expect a steady flow of highly targeted enquiries for you to convert into sales. If you are already in the automotive business, this means that we’ll not only be sending work for stainless steel exhausts to you, but we’ll also be introducing new customers who may go on to buy other products and services from you as well! Our dealers often report an upturn in their core business after taking on a custom exhaust franchise. We stock a huge variety of exhaust products in addition to our custom build range, including: ready-built systems, catalytic converters, manifolds, mandrel bends and air filters. As one of our custom exhaust franchisees, you will have discounted rates on all of these products.

Want more information?

Through our advantages as a major player in our industry, we are able to offer exclusive payment terms, can assist you with financing your initial expenditure and we’ll even help advise on premises should you have the need. Typically, our franchises enjoy 60 or 90 day credit terms on stock purchases, allowing you to stock what you need in anticipation for upcoming jobs and pay for it with the profits already made in prior months. We are more than happy to assist and advise on any aspect of our franchise offering.

Simply email or call us on 01308 425895.